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Wilhelminapark utrecht

The Wilhelmina is a monumental city park in the Dutch city of Utrecht. It is located in the district of East and covers it roughly one-third of the area near Wilhelmina area. The street on the west side of the park has the same name as the park. Wilhelmina Park is crossed by a bicycle path, used by students who crowded between De Uithof and the city bikes. The statue of Queen Wilhelmina State along this path and is one of several works of art in the park. Also located along the path a national monument in the shape of a tea house with a thatched roof which in 1925 was built to a design by G. van der Gaast.


Grift Park is a park of 12 hectares in the Dutch city of Utrecht, located in the district of North East to the streets Blauwkapelseweg and Kleine Singel. Grift Park is located on the site since 1860, the municipal gasworks stood since 1876 and the dung heap was. In 1960 the Park was gasworks closed and demolished. However, the site had been heavily contaminated. The park therefore got jobs nicknamed Gifpark. Between 1993 and 2002, the ground was redeveloped in the area, after which it was re-appointed as a city park. The contaminated soil is as it were wrapped up so that the poison not cause any damage more.

Botanical Garden

Botanic Gardens:  The history of living plant collections of Utrecht University dates back to the 17th century. The first botanical garden of the university was founded in Utrecht in 1639, three years after the establishment of the university itself. Around 1723 the collection moved to another location within the old city, which still exists as the museum garden of the University Museum, known as Oude Hortus (old garden). It is the place where around 1730 Ginkgo biloba was planted for the first time in Europe.